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Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George

A Word from Mother M. Maximilia...

 March 2015 - From a reflection about a pilgrimage to WYD in Denver

    I can summarize my experience of this pilgrimage by asking and answering three questions, 

       1. Why did I set out?  2. What did I experience on the way?  3. What did I find in the end?

        Why did I set out?  I knew the 1,400 mile trip would be grueling, but the energy and enthusiasm of youth allowed me to see the inevitable hardships as an adventure!...I was intrigued and attracted by the depth of his (JPII) insight into the human heart.

        What did I experience on the way?  The first few days of the pilgrimage were exciting...And then came the day when I realized I was tired of living out of a suitcase, sleeping on hard floors, and eating hamburgers...I had begun to lose my courage.

        To lose one's courage is to lose one's heart.  It means that one forgets one's deepest desires which is the reason for setting out on the journey....On the path of life, we lose courage when we cannot remember the promise of glory that made it possible for us to strike out with confidence.

        What did I find in the end?  ...I did indeed finally see the Pope.  That is an experience I will never forget.  I was moved beyond all expectation.  At that moment, I learned that God's promises are real and that no amount of hardship invalidates them.  At journey's end I found my heart.  Courage, pilgrim!



Recent Events

  • "Come if you love" - Veni Si Amas, took place March 13-15, 2015 with 17 women from around the country.  See more here...  
  • The annual March for Life took place on January 22nd.  Sisters from throughout the country traveled with various pilgrimages to pray for the end of abortion in our country.  See more here...
  • Fall Veni Si Amas Retreat - Our fall discernment retreat, October 24-26, 2014 was a huge success. We had many young women come and jon us for a weekend long visit. See more here...
  • A visit to Steubenville, Ohio,-Vocations night out at the sisters house at St. Clare Convent in Steubenville, October 10, 2014. Our sisters and 16 young women gathered together for an evening of prayer and fun. Read more here...
  • Celebrating a Jubilee- Two of our sisters celebrated an anniversary on October 5, 2014, Sister M. Julia and Sister M. Elena. The celebration of a Golden and Silver anniversary are special moments of grace for us in our life. See more here...


March: The Cross

Living it out with Sr. M. Joan


"One of my life themes has been 'pain is the price of love.'  When you really love someone, you make yourself vulnerable for them.  You give them the ability to hurt you.  You are willing to suffer anything for them.  But, the pain is not forever.  Love is."